Jimmy The Skinny Grape

The Skinny Grape

This is a story about a piece of Ambrosia Maple and some purple and black dye. The piece of Ambrosia Maple, a term I hadn’t heard, was purchased by my wife at Guitar show a couple of years ago. While attending our booth this gentleman appeared from nowhere with this dazzling piece of Maple. What a wild piece of wood.

Since the board was barely a half inch thick I decided on a flat top, with a set neck at 2.5 degrees. I rounded the edge of the top and created the illusion of an arch top by rolling the top from the lower bout to the waist and then shaped a subtle forearm and belly bevel.

The body is figured Sapele with two full veneer layers, one of Maple and one of Mahogany. The body is chambered in the bass side of the lower bout and also both areas of the upper bout. The total thickness is 1& 7/16ths inches.

I used flame Maple fingerboard and headplate veneer along with a two piece Cherry neck. Sperzel locking tuners, Schaller wrap around bridge and those sweet, sweet Lollar Pickups.

The thing is simply awesome. My friend Patton came down to try it out and was impressed with the clarity over the volume range and when playing softly then striking a note. Very crisp and lots of depth.

I wanted something different in the build this time around and believe I found it. See more of this guitar at http://hamjonesguitars.com/jimmie-grape.html

On November 16th, this Guitar spent a day in a recording studio with it’s prospective buyer so he may be sold!