Fretting the Fretting Post

Well… it’s not that bad, however it does require patience.  Unless, your the “The Factory”, then you have a machine just cram all 22 frets, at once, into those 22 slots your other machine just sawed in about 6 seconds.  When I start a fret job it requires a certain frame of mind. Once altered, it’s easy to devote as much time as necessary to each slot and fret as necessary.  I have already slotted my fretboard but, I don’t expect each slot is just right. The depth needs to be checked and modified to fit the fret. If the slot is shallow at any spot then your fret will never lie down and will buzz.

I do mine old school with a brass hammer and a little Titebond as instructed by Dr. Dan B.  Once all the frets are hammered in, let it dry overnight before proceeding.   Next day I can file down the excess on the ends and begin the fret dressing process.  This one will teach patience.  Small file, fine grit paper, reading glasses, burs, and time.  There are way too many instructional pieces on this already so I’ll not add one.

Happy frettin’ , check my guitar site for a new axe.

Author: Rick

A life long woodworker, I've been building guitars since 2006 after attending a guitar building course presented by Martin guitars. I build acoustic dreadnoughts, electrics, and the "Hambone", a Terz guitar. I am a North Carolina native and am currently located near Charlotte, NC.

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